Muscle Building

I work one-on-one with clients to help you achieve your desired fitness goals. I can assist a wide range of clients to meet varied fitness goals, putting focus on the best exercises.

Compound movements represent the core exercises for mass building. Isolation exercises, however, do not really promote muscle building since it focuses on light weight and high reps. Isolation exercises help during the cutting and definition phase.

When hoping to build up mass, you need to work on compound exercises that pull several muscle groups together to lift heavy weight.

Muscles don’t grow when you work them out in the gym. When lifting, you put your muscles through a tough time. Afterwards, the muscles grow in the recovery stage when the body remains at rest.

People hitting the gym too often, too long, and for too many days per week deny their bodies the rest necessary to build muscle.

I will write you an exercise programme tailored for you with appropriate rest to ensure better recovery and to avoid over-training.

Eating too much leads to adding fat as well as muscle.

I can provide basic advice on a clean muscle-builder diet to help you stay on track to gain size with a minimum of added body fat.

Adding, protein intake is vital since protein helps muscle repair itself.

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